The hassle of having to obtain two visas when clients wish to visit both Zambia and Zimbabwe has long been a sore point with travellers. This issue has been especially concerning for Canadians who traditionally have not only been charged more for their Zimbabwe visa than any other nationality, but also denied access to a multi-entry visa which limited the desire to visit both countries on one itinerary.  Nowhere was this more prevalent as an issue then when vsiiting Victoria Falls where most clients have a desire to visit both sides of the falls.

Finally this issue has been addressed as Zimbabwe and Zambia will this month introduce a joint travel visa to ensure international tourists visit both countries without immigration hassles. The Kavango Zambezi (Kaza) universal visa (UNIVISA) will be launched on November 28 as a measure to ease immigration and hopefully also stimulate tourism to the regions.

The visa will be US $50 and will be available on arrival to more than 40 Nationalities including Canadians, Americans, UK Citizens and most of Europe. The visa allows for 30 days of unrestricted travel to both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Eventually the hope is that this will form the basis for a wider SADC (Southern African Development Community) Visa which could include all 15 countries in the union and ease access for tourists throughout the region, thereby increasing tourism.

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