Effective July 1st, 2015 Uganda has chosen to raise their Uganda Visa fee on arrival fee from USD $50 to USD $100.  The Uganda visa fee will most certainly put some damper on tourism to the Mountain Gorillas.  Uganda has enjoyed a price advantage on Gorilla Permits which are currently set at USD $600 for a Gorilla Permit with limited low-season permits available at USD $350.  By comparison Rwanda charges $750 for its Gorilla Permits regardless of time of year.  However with Rwanda currently at USD $50 for a visa, the extra cost of the Uganda visa fee will somewhat offset this price advantage.

There is some good news though, should you be travelling to any of the three countries participating in the East Africa Tourist Visa, the cost remains at $100 for access to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

Just recently Kenya introduced an online visa process that must be undertaken prior to arrival in the country and visas will no longer be available on arrival starting September 1, 2015.

Visas on arrival are generally expected to be paid in USD cash.