TWO gorillas have been born among a group known as Kyaguriro at Bwindi National Park, according to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) officials.

One of the gorillas was born by Siatu on December 18 and another by Binyindo on December 31.

“The mothers are still protective and aggressive, so we cannot tell the sex of the babies,” said Stephen Masaba, the UWA business development manager.

He said the babies were discovered during routine monitoring of the group.

“The births are important for conservation and show that UWA’s effort to protect mountain gorillas is paying off,” Masaba said.

Kyaguriro is a group of habituated gorillas which was set aside for research at Ruhija in Bwindi. The 15-member group grew in number recently when two wild gorillas and an infant joined it.

Habituation is the process through which animals get used to human presence without losing their wild character.