Travel Agents

Does Safari Partners work with travel agents?


We have worked with our travel agent partners for many years. We know selling Africa can be challenging. There are always new products that are coming online, new destinations to understand and old ones that may have changed over the years. Gaining experience and first-hand knowledge can be daunting when there are so many destinations around the globe to know and sell.

We know Africa so you don’t need to.

You won’t find us dropping heavy brochures at your doorstep full of cookie-cutter itineraries that are a year out of date when published. We understand that every traveller is unique with unique requests, needs and desires for what they expect will be a once in a lifetime experience. We take a different approach by being consultative with you and your clients, listening to their needs and developing product for you to present to them based on their vacation goals and parameters. You don’t need to know Africa, we are here for that, and we can work with you on designing the best possible trip for your clients, assuring them that you have looked after their needs as best you can.

A conversation is always the best place to start with most clients and we are happy to join that conversation with you and your clients via conference call or video chat, helping them to define what their perfect trip looks like, with you as the lead and us as the support.

Technology to make your job easier.

We’ve always been true believers that technology can be a great sales tool. We’re here to make the sales process as painless as possible for you. We were the first safari operator in North America to employ the use of the Wetu Planning System and continue to use the system to its potential, providing your clients with the most up-to-date detailed itineraries, allowing them to make the most informed decision they can. Our quoting process is turnkey, with branded-for-you itineraries and quotes you can pass on directly to your clients. Itinerary viewing notifications are also an option, allowing you to understand when an to what extent your clients are researching your quotes.

With technology that is media-rich, content specific and tailored directly to your clients, we go beyond the traditional brochure, providing an experience that is both relevant and engaging.

Commissions you can live on and a partner you can count on.

Travel agents are our partners, not our competitors and we are committed to paying fair commissions that allow you to run a successful business. We protect commissions without question if your client happens to find their way to us and we find out along the process.

You can also feel confident in directing your clients to our website. All enquiry forms include options to provide travel agent details and you can be rest assured that we will protect you as the originating agent.

So if you have never worked with us, what are you waiting for?

We’re here to help you sell Africa with confidence, ensuring your clients will return raving about the experience you helped to craft. We’re here to be your partner for Africa.