To many people, Africa is little more than a continent of poverty and death. But it’s undeniable that one can also find there beauty. And lots of life. One just needs to know where to look. In this article you’ll see selected photographs of places in Africa that are worth visiting and short descriptions of those places.

1. Bazaruto Island
This sandy island belonging to Mozambique offers beautiful views, as well as very clear water. Many people visit the island to enjoy water sports, fishing, or just relaxing on the beautiful beaches. The sand dunes of Bazaruto Island are an especially lovely sight. View our Mozambique trips.

2. Cape Town
This South African city is very famous, especially after FIFA World Cup 2010. While most of the city is not any more special than an average city found in any other country, Cape Town is worth visiting for its landmarks. The Table Mountain is among the most popular tourist destinations of Cape Town, it’s a great place for hiking and climbing. Cape Town is also famous for the Cape Floristic region and Cape Point. Both offer incredible views. View our Cape Town trips.

3. Giza Pyramids
A landmark that doesn’t really need an introduction. Located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, these pyramids are among the best known monuments in the world. The greatest wonder is that this necropolis was built so long ago without the use of technologies available to us today. It’s still not known how exactly the pyramids were built.

4. Ngorongoro
It’s located in Tanzania and its best known feature is the huge crater inhabited by most of the animal species known to East Africa. The vast fields of grass make this place an extremely beautiful sight and the amount of wildlife only adds to the beauty. View our Tanzania trips.

5. Sun City
Sun City is a well know South African holiday resort. Famous people and bands such as Frank Sinatra, Queen, Ray Charles, or Elton John performed there. Sun City offers luxurious hotels, golf fields, swimming pools, casinos and beautiful forests surrounding the resort.

6. Serengeti
Few people have never heard of the Serengeti. Situated in Tanzania and Kenya, it’s a large area populated by many different species of animals. It includes different conservation parks, including Ngorongoro. The beautiful plains of the Serengeti were an inspiration for the Disney movie The Lion King. View our Tanzania trips.

7. Mauritius
This Africa island is a great holiday destination, especially for those who just want to relax. It offers a tropical climate and areas perfect for activities such as fishing, surfing, windsurfing, horse riding, trekking, or biking.

8. Lake Nakuru National Park
This national park centered around Lake Nakuru in Kenya is famous mostly for the many flamingos that can be seen on the lake’s shores. In the park one can also see giraffes rhinos, waterbucks, lions, or leopards. Many species of birds other than flamingos also live in the area. View our Kenya trips.

9. Victoria Falls
Perfect place for people who love waterfalls. Victoria Falls are located between Zambia and Zimbabwe, on the Zambezi River. They’re among the world’s largest waterfalls. Apart from the falls and bridges, this area offers what’s called Devil’s Pool, which is a naturally formed pool that, during safer seasons, lets people swim very close to the edge of the waterfall without actually falling. View our Vic Falls trips.

10. Garden Route
Located in South Africa, the Garden Route is a great tourist destination for those who love beautiful views and wildlife. It offers gorgeous beaches, hills, rocky headlands, and forests. The extremely diverse vegetation means that no one will be bored there. It’s a perfect place for people who adore flowers, but also for those who love birds, whales, or other animals, and those who simply want to play golf or hike. View our Garden Route trips.

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