The mountain gorilla is one of the rarest species of mammal on the planet and they are only found in a small area of forest in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. People travel from all over the world to view these magnificent creatures in the wild.  Gorilla trekking is big business and the money that is raised from it helps the local community and funds vital work that aims to protect gorillas from extinction. To go gorilla trekking, it is essential to apply for a permit, and you must trek with an experienced guide in order to find them and disturb them as little as possible.
Gorillas in Rwanda reside in the Parc des Volcans. Until recently 56 gorilla permits were issued daily, but that has now risen to 64. Rwanda’s largest gorilla family has split into two groups. Only a certain amount of people are allowed to visit each gorilla group in a day so that they are not disrupted in their natural habitat. Now that there is an extra family group in Rwanda, more tourists can visit them per day.

Gorilla trekking is a magical experience. There’s nothing like trekking through the jungle and spotting their furry black forms for the first time. To reach the gorillas, you have to trek uphill through dense jungle, sometimes for up to three or four hours. But once you find them, the hike is certainly worth it.

Make sure you are well prepared for your gorilla trekking experience. Wear long trousers and sturdy walking boots. Your legs should be completely covered to avoid get bitten by ants, ticks and other creepy crawlies. Take plenty of water to keep you hydrated. As you won’t know how long you’ll be trekking for, it’s essential to have plentiful supplies.