Rwanda has five volcanoes, twenty-three lakes and several rivers. The hilly landscape is a result of the location on the eastern edge of the Albertine Rift Valley, a fraction of the Great Rift Valley which severs through Africa from the Red Sea to Mozambique.  You can find out that there are three major preservation areas in Rwanda named as the Volcanoes Park, Akagera Park and Nyungwe Park Forest in which all of these safeguard an incredible grouping of huge mammals. Akagera chains a typical savannah fauna subjugated by a diversity of antelopes, zebra, buffalo, giraffe, the aquatic hippopotamus, lion, leopard and spotted hyena. The finest location in the planet to trail mountain gorillas is Volcanoes Park. At the same time Nyungwe give guests an excellent possibility of observing chimpanzees and 400-sturdy crowd of colobus monkeys, which are the biggest arboreal primate horde in Africa at present.

Rwanda, is a magnificent hide-out for birdwatchers, with an incredible 670 species documented in a region, which is smaller than Belgium and has a lesser amount than half of the land surface of Scotland. Nyungwe and Akagera are beautiful abodes for bird watching. A wide variety of birds are found all over the place for your eyes pleasant view.

Gisenyi is the major core for expedition in the Parc des Volcans. Craters can be observed by air plane journey. Located on the north of Lake Kivu, it furthermore extends over numerous possibilities for water sports or for a pleasure trip on the lake. Little more from south, there is lakeside resort called Kibuye. On the southern shoreline of the lake, there are stunning caverns of Kaboza and Nyenji and the thermal waters at Nyakabuye and in the nearby area, there is the Rugege Forest which is the dwelling of countless rare varieties of flora and fauna.

Kibungu (Umutara) is in the east of the countryside and in the middle of an area of lakes and waterfalls, together with Lake Mungesera and the Rusumo Falls. It is also in the neighborhood of the southern end of the A’Kagera National Park, which wraps over 2500 sq km of savannah to the west of the A’Kagera River. A’Kagera National Park encompasses a diversity of natural world and is a home to more than 500 varieties of birds.

One of the very last shelters of the mountain gorilla is located in the north west of A’Kagera in the Parc des Volcans. This area has volcanic mountains, of which two, Nyamuragira and Nyiragongo.

Rusumo is a wonderful and amazing falls of the A’Kagera River, a portion of which also leads to the headwaters of the river Nile. It is located in the Eastern region of Rwanda at the boundary in the midst of Tanzania.

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