Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) is building a new lodge in the completely undeveloped western region of the Etosha National Park. The area, which was previously restricted, offers some of the best game-viewing opportunities to be found in Etosha.

The vegetation is mainly Karstveldt and Mopane shrub land with the geology dominated by dolomite formation, giving the camp its name – Dolomite. As the area is completely pristine, NWR will ensure its green footprint will be less intrusive and more innovative than ever before.

The new lodge, set to open in the first half of thie year, is nestled in the dolomite outcrops and will offer guests the opportunity to spot endangered species like Black rhino and Black-faced impala.

The camp will include a large reception, lounge, bar and restaurant area, offering sunrise and sunset views over the surrounding savannah. From this point, a walkway leads to thatched chalets, two of which are deluxe with private plunge pools.

The development of the new camp has also provided an opportunity for NWR to implement a major target in its execution of the second phase of the company’s turnaround strategy – the Sustainable Growth Phase.

The company, which aims to integrate local people into the tourism trade, will encourage those living in the neighbouring communal conservancies to get involved in the commercial processes that will keep the camp running. NWR will support the operations of conservancies such as Ehirovipuka, Huab and others in the Kunene region by developing mutually beneficial alliances that would see the supply of firewood, meat and seedlings for the nursery and auxiliary services such as laundry for Dolomite Camp from outside the park.