We have a great love for Africa and because of that we are committed to going beyond. One percent of all sales of our safaris is set aside for water, education and health projects. We have recently contributed to four key projects in East Africa.

Heal & Empower Sexually Exploited Girls In Uganda
Empowering women is key to ending gender based violence, seeing healthy families, raising dignity, ending poverty, & reducing the spread of HIV. As their self-esteem rises, the risks of sexual exploitation and cycles of abuse are lower.

Contributed to providing a safe home, education, and loving care to 3 girls forced into prostitution.

Kibera Children’s Rescue Centre Kenya
The Rescue Centre provides a safe and loving home to 15-20 boys and girls ages 5-17 years in Kibera who have been orphaned, often due to HIV/AIDS, or have experienced abuse in their homes.

Paid for school fees for four children to attend secondary school for one term.

Providing Healthcare To 45,000 In A Kenyan Slum
Providing desperately needed health care, family planning, counseling, and testing/laboratory services through the Tabitha Clinic for 45,000 people in the Kibera slum of Kenya.

Paid for flu vaccinations for 75 children.

Viva Con Agua Brings Clean Water To Rwanda
In the Mwogo-Valley in Rwanda, Viva con Agua is developing 32 water sources to provide clean drinking water to village inhabitants, benefiting at least 25,000 local people.

Contributed to provide 40 people in Mwogo-Valley permanently with clean drinking water.