We have a great love for Africa and because of that we are committed to going beyond. One percent of all sales of our safaris is set aside for water, education and health projects. We recently donated to a number of projects in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, the DRC, Malawi and South Africa as part of our ongoing commitment. Thanks to all our clients who have helped make this possible!

Save A Mom’s Life In The Congo
International Medical Corps is saving lives of mothers and children around the world by giving midwives the tools and skills they need to deliver babies safely.

Paid for one midwife to provide life-saving health-care to thousands of women.

Improving Access To Clean Water In Malawi
Engineers Without Borders is improving the capacity of district government offices throughout Malawi to provide the services necessary for sustainable clean water access.

Contributed funds to help improve the sustainability of rural water systems in Malawi.

Train New Health Workers In Malawi: Save Lives!
This project will provide scholarships to train students at the Malamulo College of Health Sciences to become clinical officers who can deliver basic health care services to men, women, and children.

Paid for a clinical internship for one student.

A Community Approach To Safer Motherhood In Uganda
In the southwest region of Uganda, more than 10% of infants die before they reach their first birthdays. Progressive Health Partnership works in solidarity with community members in Kashongi and Kitura subcounties to provide a comprehensive antenatal, intranatal, and postnatal care program for 2,000 pregnant women and their infants each year.

Paid for one year supply of essential medications for 24 women.

Teacher Training Scholarships For Tanzanian Girls
Provide an opportunity for a young Tanzanian woman to attend teacher training college, and transform her life — and the lives of thousands of other students — forever.

Paid for two student’s 6-week teaching practicum at a local primary school.

Saving Mothers’ Lives In Rural Tanzania
An affordable generic drug stops postpartum hemorrhage. Thousands of women’s lives can be saved by making it available to traditional midwives through local businesses in developing countries.

Paid for a tradtional midwife to be trained in the use of Misoprostol.

Supply Textbooks For Classrooms In Tanzania
AfricAid’s Textbooks for Tanzanians helps provide funding for the purchase of much-needed textbooks for thousands of kids in Tanzanian classrooms.

Outfited one classroom with a complete set of textbooks.

Food, School & Home For South African AIDS Orphans
100% of donations received by Love to Langa goes to a home, food, and education for our kids. All volunteers. No salaries. Maximize your donation dollars and allow us to help more AIDS orphans.

Provided anti-retroviral medication for 4 children with AIDS for a month.

Stop Sexual Violence Against South African Women
Empower female farm workers who have experienced -or are at risk for – sexual violence with training, counseling, safe housing, legal and medical support services.

Provided safe, sheltered housing for 4 victims of sexual violence for a month.

Assistance For Sexual Violence Survivors In Congo
This project provides survivors of sexual violence with micro-grants and legal counsel, educates communities about the law and advocates for judicial reform at the national level in Congo.

Provided counseling for 5 survivors of sexual violence.

Kenya: Empowering Girls In Kibera
This project provides a safe space and advocacy platform for adolescent girls in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya to fight gender-based violence and discrimination.

Bought uniforms for an all-girls soccer team.

Kenya: Educating Street Children In The Mathare Slum
120 impoverished children from the Mathare slum in Kenya will be given education, technical training, school materials, food and medicine.

Paid for food, school uniform, books and transport for a child for a year.

Educate 150 Orphaned Teenage Kenyan Mothers
150 teenage mothers go back to school and develop their careers, start small business and be great, empowered women. We are also providing a safe children centre for the teenage mothers.

Paid for a whole year of school fees for 3 orphaned teenage mothers.