It holds the world’s largest free standing mountain, is visited by the world’s greatest migration, the Wildebeest Migration, has vast lush green plains filled with half the world’s lion population and an array of exotic islands just off the coast… Tanzania sounds like a unique and magical place. How do you get the best out of it? Here are a few things you can do on a Tanzania safari:

Behold the Great Migration

Every year, the beautiful, scenic plains of the Serengeti are ‘disturbed’ by the arrival of over 1 million Wildebeest. The wildebeest migration is an incredible sight and almost impossible to take in from one viewing. Stretching through the Serengeti and Masai Mara National Park, the wildebeest spend a year travelling in search of food in and water.

Experience the migration on one of the following Tanzania safaris:
East Africa Migration Discoverer
East Africa Migration Safari

Get closer with lions and the Maasai people

The majestic wildebeest is hunted by Tanzania’s most respected animal, the lion. Out of this respect, the young Maasai warriors make it their role to protect these creatures, coming up with incredible ways to track the lion and watch over them. Spend some time in the simple life of the Maasai by experiencing their incredible ceremonies and perhaps even try out their strict protein diet!

Experience the lions and the Maasai on one of the following Tanzania safaris:
East Africa Migration Discoverer
Tanzania Wildlife & Cultural Explorer
Kiboko Safari

Sample the Spice Islands

Historically a trade route for European, Arab and Indian countries, the islands off the coast of Tanzania now present a range of indigenous and exotic foods aptly giving testimony to the title, the ‘Spice Islands’. Chief of these is the island of Zanzibar. A paradise of white beaches, fancy hotels and the amazing street vendors of Stone Town’s Forodhani Gardens. These venders fill their carts with seafood snacks, fried breads, African doughnuts (Mandazi), honey beer and the famous Zanzibar Pizza.

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Zanzibar Stopover Package – Dream of Zanzibar
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Climb Kilimanjaro

Not for the faint of heart, Africa’s largest mountain demands training, determination and a lot of walking! Stretching 6 kilometres into the air (19,340 feet) and enduring temperatures from 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) to -29° (-84° Fahrenheit) which is like travelling from the equator to the Arctic in a matter of days. But the view from the top is what makes it worthwhile!

Climb the Mountain on one of the following tour:
Kilimanjaro – Machame Route
Kilimanjaro – Umbwe Route
Kilimanjaro – Rongai Route

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