We recognize that Ebola has become a serious concern for prospective travellers to Africa and wish to relay some very important facts as well as outline our new cancellation policy.

• Ebola is a very difficult disease to contract, meaningful contact with the fluids of an infected patient must occur, and is only virulent when the patient is showing signs of sickness.

• The Ebola Outbreak is confined to three countries in West Africa: Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Each of these countries is closer to London and Paris then they are to Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa and other safari countries.

• There are zero direct flights from those three countries to the safari countries we operate. All flights must go via Europe, the USA or the Middle East in order to reach the safari countries.

• Citizens of the affected countries are not allowed access into any of the safari countries of East and Southern Africa and cannot even board aircraft from Europe bound for these countries.

• The distances are so great that it is virtually impossible for an Ebola stricken patient to travel overland to any of the safari countries and are most likely to die first (or get eaten by a lion!).

We recognize that clients who are planning their holiday to Africa may have concerns about this disease and how it might affect them and their travel plans. We are fully confident that Ebola is on the decline, and therefore wish to reassure clients that any booking cancelled due to a WHO (World Health Organization)-certified outbreak of the disease in any of the countries in which the client will be travelling with us will receive a waiver of cancellation fees.

This waiver is subject to the following conditions:
• Confirmed outbreak of Ebola by the WHO in a country in which they have travel services booked with us and the country from which the client is travelling has issued a directive for guests not to travel to those countries.
• Clients must purchase Comprehensive or Trip Cancellation Coverage and must first claim on that insurance. We will make good any shortfall resulting from the insurance company not reimbursing the guest for the full applicable cancellation fee.
• Applies to new bookings only from Oct 22, 2014.
• Clients must adhere to the booking conditions as otherwise stated.

Just a reminder the safari countries remain safe and beautiful places to visit. If Africa is on the bucket list, now is the best time to ensure clients get the properties and lodges they want, enjoy less crowds and have an overall superior safari experience!