Game-viewing in Kruger National Park is best in winter but some visitors prefer the lush vegetation of the summer months. The best time for observing wildlife in Kruger National Park is the dry winter season. During this safari season, the grass is low, the bushes and trees don’t have leaves, and one can have an unobstructed view of the surrounding area.  Winter season in the Kruger Park is quite dry and rain is scarce. During this season, visitors will be able to spot the animals when they come to the waterholes in the mornings and evenings. Summer is the rainy season in Kruger Park and the rains fill the rivers and waterholes, and the bushveld looks lush. Game viewing is difficult in the summer season because the vegetation is dense, making it harder to locate and observe wildlife.

Towards the end of November and early December, Kruger National Park is filled with newborns. Spotting wildlife with their young is a memorable Kruger Park safari experience. Autumn is probably the most difficult time of the year to spot game in Kruger National Park because the grass is dense and high. Birding is usually excellent during autumn in Kruger Park.

Kruger Park Seasons

November through December:
The summer months in Kruger Park are very hot and humid with either continual rains or occasional afternoon thundershowers. Many young animals are born during this time.

January to April:
These are normally drier months with very hot days. Bird watchers can enjoy the array of migratory birds during this period.

This is Kruger Park’s autumn period and the vegetation starts changing from thick lush green bush to a slightly sparser browning bush. The temperatures start cooling down at night but daytime is still warm. Scattered thunder showers can be experienced in the afternoons.

May to June:
Cold temperatures are experienced at night and at dawn during our winter months. The vegetation becomes totally brown and trees start losing leaves. Visibility during game drives is enhanced due to sparser vegetation.

July to September:
This period is very dry in the bush with very cold night temperatures and therefore chilly during the early morning and late afternoon game drives. Game viewing is generally fantastic as the visibility is good and the game is concentrated around any water source.

September to October:
Spring is the height of the dry season with hot dry winds and colourless, sparse vegetation. Because the rivers and dams are low, high concentrations of game can be viewed at these areas and game viewing in general is good. The first rains may start towards the end of October and the signs of spring and a new wet season are evident.

Gerald Crawford: born in South Africa, studied electronics, telecommunication, eco-travel and african travel concepts. He taught responsible tourism in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

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